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Agro-BIG Programme


Agro-BIG is an agricultural development programme using the Value Chain Approach to develop smallholder agriculture in the part of TanaBeles Growth Corridor that falls within the Amhara Region.

Agro-BIG facilitates economic growth in agriculture by working with and supporting profitable value chains that benefit the involved market actors and stakeholders along the selected chains.

Agro-BIG develops service provision to value chains actors so that they can increase production, trading, processing, retailing and marketing.

Agro-BIG facilitates access to finance by making funding and working capital available for market actors as well as for research and innovation.

Agro-BIG supports and develops strong partnerships, particularly those which contribute to positive change along the selected value chains and contribute to poverty reduction.

Agro-BIG works towards the same overall development objectives as those having been identified by the Governments of Ethiopia and Finland, and we network closely with other development interventions in pursuing these objectives.

Agro-BIG produces comprehensive reports on the technical subject matter areas for which we are responsible.

Value Chain Analysis


The Agro-BIG Programme uses the Value Chain approach. The idea is to address the value chain constraints of specific selected agricultural commodities. A Value Chain Analysis will be made for each selected value chain. Such Analyses will, among others, map out the actors and stakeholders and their relations, identify their constraints and needs, identify potentials and prospects for value chain development and suggest Programme interventions.