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High-level visitors from Finland meet AgroBIG beneficiaries in the field

Three Finnish professionals witnessed grassroots level activities and met AgroBIG beneficiaries while on a tour of Mecha woreda earlier this month.

Published on 28.11.2017

On 9th November, AgroBIG organized and coordinated a field visit to the Finnish-funded AgroBIG, CoWASH and REILA project sites in Mecha and Bahir Dar Zuria, in Amhara Region. The participants included three high-level professionals from Finland: Ms Riitta Oksanen, Deputy Director General of the Department for Development Policy at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Ms Leena Mubarak, Gender Adviser at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and Dr Liisa Laakso Rector at the University of Tampere.

The tour included a stop in Bered Gafera, Mecha, where the guests had a chance to meet AgroBIG beneficiaries: a group of landless youth, ‘’Tale and his friend’s partnership’’ and animal feed processor, Ms Tesfanesh Teshome.

"Tale and his friend’s partnership" youth group

AgroBIG has been supporting the establishment of organized youth groups who can provide affordable and quality commercial farm services. Support provided includes organizing, registration and licensing of groups, skills training, and provision of small grants to purchase the needed gear and equipment. ‘’Tale and his friend’s partnership’’ group was established in 2014 with 8 members, initially to provide agrochemical spraying and related services, but through time diversified to include maize threshing.        

Ms Tesfanesh Teshome accessed an AgroBIG value chain grant fund in 2015 to buy a small animal feed processing machine. She covered 15% of the total cost herself. With this machine, she is serving about 70 households in the community around Bered Gafera.

The visit to Mecha was a great success, and the guests expressed their appreciation for having the chance to witness AgroBIG results and success stories in person.

Ms Tesfanesh Teshome’s adult children operate the animal feed chopper which she accessed with the help of an AgroBIG grant

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