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16 Finnish Journalists Visit Amhara National Regional State


Agro-BIG has been receiving a lot of visitors. First, in January 2015, there was a high-level visit which introduced us to the Finnish Minister of International Development. Now, in March, we received a delegation of 22 people consisting of H.E. Ambassador Sirpa Mäenpää, 16 Finnish journalists as well as various representatives of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs Finland (MFA) and Embassy of Finland in Addis Abeba.

The journalists were part of Development Academy, an intensive course organized by the MFA for aspiring journalists to learn more about Finnish funded development cooperation. For many of the journalists, this was the first time to visit Ethiopia. Getting to know the country which is the birthplace of coffee and humans, for instance, was an unforgettable experience for them. In Amhara the journalists had one whole day on the field, getting to know projects, and another day for touristic activities, such a monastery tour on lake Tana and a visit to Haile Selassie’s palace area

A group photo during a day tour at Lake Tana. [Photo: Tatu Blomqvis]