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Horticulture value chain actors meet in Gonder

Proclamation for contract farming soon to be presented to Parliament

Published on 28.11.2017

Measures to address critical bottlenecks in horticulture market linkages and contract farming were discussed in Gonder last week on November 24-25. The event was organized by ATA and attended by producers, traders, processors, authorities and development actors.

Mr Ayichew Kebede from AgroBIG presented the programme’s experiences in developing onion and potato production and marketing. He emphasized the pivotal role of high quality seed and appropriate harvesting and post-harvesting methods, such as curing of onions, to enhance shelf life, and also the use of calibrated weighing scales in transactions. Furthermore, the benefits of manually dug wells to facilitate staggered production were discussed. Various participants commended AgroBIG’s contributions in developing the horticulture sector in the region.

Mr Ayichew Kebede sharing AgroBIG experiences in advancing horticulture value chains

Dr Tashome from ATA in his concluding remarks divided the key action items into three categories: technical improvements, coordination between the value chain actors, and policies that shall enable effective and efficient operations. It was noted that the current production volumes in Amhara are still modest. Staggered production and more advanced approaches, e.g. production in greenhouses, and appropriate storage facilities and practices are needed to enable continued supply and long-term deals with buyers.

The two-day event also debated the draft proposal for a proclamation for agricultural production and marketing contracts that is due to be presented in the Parliament soon. ATA has coordinated the preparation of the proposal, and similar feed-back events have earlier been held in two other regions. The participants welcomed the initiative that is to provide a legal framework for producers, cooperatives and buyers to establish and manage contract based supply and market linkages.

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