Access to Finance

AgroBIG offers financial services in the form of grants and loans, to assist value chain actors develop their businesses.

Grant Funds

  • Medium Size Investment Grant Fund; with 50% self-funding. Maximum grant size is 1,500,000 ETB.
  • Micro and Small Size Investment Grant Fund; with 15% self-funding. Maximum grant size is 150,000 ETB.

Potential applicants are invited to submit concept notes in Calls for Proposals that are published by AgroBIG PSU, and advertised in the regional newspaper “Bekur” and on AgroBIG website. Applications are to be submitted to the relevant WoFEC office. Total funding available for the two grant funds above is 45,000,000 ETB

  • Value Chain Facility fund to support learning and new approaches; provides financial support for innovative ideas, adoption of new technologies, value added processing, post-harvest technologies, storage, packaging, branding and marketing etc. Maximum grant size is 2,200,000.

Potential applications are submitted to AgroBIG PSU office. Total funding available for the Value Chain Facility is 9,600,000 ETB.

Loan Funds

  • Women and Youth Loan Fund; To provide funding for individual women and youths and groups of women and youths through Savings and Credit Cooperatives. Available funding is 24,000,000 ETB
  • Cooperative Loan Fund; To provide working capital to cooperatives through Cooperatives’ Savings and Credit Unions, engaged in collection and trading, processing, packaging, storage, transport, processing and marketing of targeted agricultural products. Available funding is 27,000,000 ETB

Regularly check the AgroBIG website for more details and when funding opportunities are open!

Also visit AgroBIG Grant Fund Guidelines