Access to Funds


Grant Contract awarded to Post-harvest Handling Project

A grant project contract was signed on the 8th May 2018 between Amhara National Regional State, Science, Technology and Information Communication Commission and BoFEC. The title of the project is “Post-harvest Handling Technology”. The purpose of the project is to test and introduce four different harvesting and post-harvest technologies mainly for rice to about 1,000 farmers. The agreement is financed under the AgroBIG Value Chain Facility Fund. The amount of financial support provided to the project is ETB 2,200,000.

BoFEC and COSACUs sign agreement for management of AgroBIG Loan Funds

On the 20th of April 2018 agreements were signed between BoFEC and the three Cooperative’s Savings and Credit Unions: Adera Densa, Rib and Tana. The agreements are for the management of the two loan funds provided by AgroBIG.

Women and Youth Loan Fund of 800,000 EUR

Cooperative Loan Fund of 900,000 EUR

A total of 11,800,000 ETB has been disbursed to the three Unions as presented in the table below. Further disbursements will be according to demand.

COSACU Women and Youth Loan Fund Cooperative Loan Fund TOTAL (ETB)
Adera Densa 1,300,0000 1,300,000 2,600,000
Rib 2,000,0000 2,000,000 4,000,000
Tana 2,600,0000 2,600,000 5,200,000
Total 5,900,0000 5,900,000 11,800,000