Agro-BIG News

Annual Survey conducted with promising results


During two weeks of October and November, altogether 12 data collectors have been roaming around in Mecha and Fogera woredas, in four kebeles both, interviewing farmers on their agricultural performance. It was the time to collect data to track achievement and progress on onion and potato value chains against the baseline survey conducted one and a half years ago.

From the beginning of this year, maize and rice have additionally been at the focus of AgroBIG’s activities. Therefore simultaneously, baseline data for these two new value chains was collected.

Similarly as in the last year’s baseline survey, household income was estimated by using a participatory circle and stones method. As a complete new element, data on the dietary diversity of the children under five years of age was collected. Totally 560 households have been interviewed out of which 20 were female headed. Now is the time for analysis. Preliminary results seem very promising. Total yield per hectare has increased 10 % for onion and 19 % for potato. Value of production has increased more remarkably: it has nearly doubled for onion in Fogera. Post-harvest losses have decreased especially for potato in Mecha: reduction is over 50 %. These results and more will be communicated in detail early next year!



Estimating the value of the various income sources with circles and stones method.