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Annual Survey Results Showing Progress


As communicated in the previous newsletter, a survey for 301 households was conducted at the end of last year to obtain data on the high level indicators to compare these values with baseline data of the AgroBIG Programme. As a conclusion it can be stated that the Programme is showing progress when it comes to the major indicators such as income levels, yield, farm gate prices and ownership of assets. Annual income levels have risen by 49 % reaching 26 306 ETB. Onion yield has increased by 2 quintals and the farm gate price has almost doubled to 682 ETB per quintal. Potato yield has increased by 21 quintals and the farm gate price has grown more than threefold up to 329 ETB per quintal. Additionally, post-harvest losses have reduced for both onion and potato. Good quality products indeed result in higher farmer prices! 


Focus Group Discussion with farmers to triangulate the survey results.

 As a complete new element, the nutritional status of children under 5 was measured by using a dietary diversity method developed by the World Health Organization. This data provides complementary information to the high level indicator of stunting, wasting, and underweight of children under 5. Anthropometric measurements were used in 2014 to collect the baseline information, and these measurements will be again conducted within the results survey at the end of this year.        

The findings reveal that the nutritional status of the children is not on a level which would support their healthy growth and development. Out of 7 different food groups, only 20 per cent of the children receive food items from 4 groups or more, which is considered as a satisfactory dietary diversity level. Averagely a child receives food items from 3 different groups. The four mainly consumed groups are grains, roots and tubers; legumes and nuts; dairy products and other fruits and vegetables. Vitamin-A rich fruits and vegetables, eggs, and flesh foods are not so widely consumed.

These are results for the Programme indicators. There surely are other achievements, such as the novel business models and improved financing supported within the Programme.

annual survey Listing and selecting farmers for a household interview.  

annual surveyEnumerators ready to be dispersed around Ambo Mesk kebele in Mecha woreda. annual survey

Preparations for the household survey in October and November 2015.