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Bidding farewell to Marko

In early august the Ambassador of Finland to Ethiopia, Sirpa Mäenpää, hosted a farewell party for the outgoing Counsellor at the Embassy, Marko Saarinen.

Marko has worked closely with Agro-BIG and as a token of appreciation, our staff presented Marko with a traditional papyrus boat, manufactured by skilled craftsmen on the shores of Lake Tana.

As Marko is taking up new duties in Vietnam with the Mekong River Commission, the papyrus boat will be a most useful tool for explorations along the mighty Mekong.  

Although great civilizations have evolved along both rivers, no boats similar to the ones that have been developed over hundred of years along the Blue Nile, particularly in Lake Tana, are to be found in the Mekong.

Wishing Marko all the best at his new duty station, Agro-BIG presented Marko with this vessel to enable him to explore the Mekong in great style and to possibly introduce it more widely on the Mekong.

The boat came with a paddle, a traditional hat and a scarf for protective purposes and a bottle of Dashen birra for refreshments and of course the flag of Finland to make the boat complete.

farewell to Marko


Picture: Farewell to Marko