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Finnish MPs familiarizing with AgroBIG


On the 7th of April, a delegation of Finnish Members of the Parliament accompanied by high level officials from the MFA Finland and the Finnish Embassy in Addis Abeba, visited Bahir Dar to familiarize with Finnish support in the Amhara Region. In addition to AgroBIG, the Gov. of Finland is funding CoWASH and REILA programmes in the land and natural resources sector, as well as GEQUIP in the education sector.
After brief introductions to the four projects in the morning, the group departed to a field trip towards Mecha woreda. As a first stop we saw how access to water and sanitation can improve family’s living conditions with Community Managed Project (CMP) approach of CoWASH.


On the AgroBIG site we witnessed how grants have supported youth groups to make business in maize threshing and feed chopping and how this simultaneously saves farmers manual workload.

[photo by : Benti Ejeta]

 During the stop at the Ambo Mesk elementary school, warmly welcomed by cheering children, the group had the chance to visit pre-school and laboratory facilities and participate in an on-going Amharic lesson.
After lunch at the Bikolo Abbay Horticulture Center, spiced with some traditional music and dancing, it was REILA project’s turn to present the achievements within land administration. When farmers have jointly agreed on the borders of their parcels and finally got a certification, the green card, disputes over land decrease remarkably.        

The visit was successful and reinforced the strong relations between Ethiopia and Finland.