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Fogera woreda aiming to become self-sufficient in quality onion seed production


Good news from Fogera! Onion bulb production has started in upland areas in order for the woreda to achieve self-sufficiency in producing quality onion seed. Onion seed availability is one of the critical constraints in Fogera.



So far onion bulb has been brought to Fogera from eastern parts of the Amhara region, such as Shewa Robit, Antsokia and Kobo, as there hasn’t been local quality seed available. Agro-BIG has been facilitating support of the regional seed quarantine in order to inspect the status of these imported seeds. In order for them to pass quality tests, they need to be free from disease and pests.

Now 35 kilograms of onion seed for onion bulb growers has been distributed to upland areas in Fogera. The harvest is expected to cover 50 % of the seed demand for the next cropping season and hopefully, the years after that, the woreda could already be 100 % self-sufficient in covering its onion bulb demands.