Agro-BIG News

AgroBIG grants supporting value chain actors with innovative equipment


Thirty nine water pumps were handed over to respective cooperative leaders on 6th Feb in Woreta town in Fogera. Purchased by AgroBIG VC grant support, with 15 % cooperatives’ own contribution, pumps accompanied by water pipes are designated primarily for cooperative members for dry season irrigation. 


 Nineteen pushcarts were handed over to 17 potato chips making women and 2 men at the Bureau of Technical Vocational Education and Training in Bahir Dar on the 9th Feb. With mobile carts, designed and constructed by AgroBIG VC grant support, the potato processors can move around in town for good sales spots and also store their equipment in the lockable lockers.        

Grants awarded to the Bureau of Trade and Transport from AgroBIG IDR Fund for development of innovative solutions for rural transport have materialized into 4 types of carts. These animal-, bicycle-, and human drawn carts were manufactured in Gorgora and have now been demonstrated and handed over in Mecha and Fogera. Carts will be used to transporting commodities to the market and collection centers and carrying people and material.