Innovation, Demonstration and Research Fund


The aim of the Innovation, Demonstration and Research Fund, IDRF, is to support innovation and new approaches in the selected value chains.

The below table provides an overview showing the main highlights of the fund.

The detailed ‘Guidelines for Matching Grant Fund’ are available for downloading by clicking at the window below the table, or by contacting Agro-BIG. The Guidelines provide instructions to grant seekers for how to apply for funds.

Application forms are also available for down loading at the bottom of this page:


Innovation, Demonstration and Research Fund (IDRF)


Assist farmers, farmer groups, processors, traders and service providers to identify, design and formulate action plans for innovation, demonstration and/or research activities that will benefit the development of the Value Chain.  This can cover also cover feasibility studies, partner identification, new technology identification, training and capacity building.



Max. eligible investment

EUR 50,000
Birr 1,3 m


Up-front, in instalments or after completion


Case-by-case appraisal, one year duration preferred initially





Financing institute

Programme Support Unit/BoFED



Beneficiary requirements

1. Eligible beneficiaries of VCF, who have graduated to need larger loan
2. Other SMEs and farmer groups operating in the selected value chains

Basic investment requirements

1. A business idea/capacity development idea or plan
2. A technology innovation and/or demonstration
3. A research programme or study that will enhance value chain development
4. Aiming at developing the group’s/SME’s possibilities to contribute to, and benefit from a selected value chain;
5. Identify, test or introduce a new technology or a good practice. 

Specific requirements

 For either groups or individuals


Detailed IDRF guidelines available


Access the IDRF Guidelines:(Amharic.pdf, English.pdf)

Access Application form:(Amharic.docx, English.docx)