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Tapping the potential of viable agriculture value chains


AgroBIG is an agricultural development programme using the Value Chain Approach. The purpose of AgroBIG is to assist in developing value addition at various levels of selected agricultural value chains, in order to increase incomes and create jobs for farming households and other value chain actors. Particular emphasis is placed on women and youth.

AgroBIG facilitates economic growth in agriculture by working with and supporting profitable value chains that benefit the involved market actors and stakeholders along the selected chains.

The first phase of AgroBIG ended in 2016. The second phase of AgroBIG will run from 2017-2021.


AgroBIG Phase II New Features

1) Expanded target area. The programme focuses on two geographically delineated production clusters around Lake Tana that include eight woredas in Amhara: North Achefer, South Achefer, Mecha North, Mecha South, Bahir Dar Zuria, Dera, Fogera and Libokemkem.

2) Value Addition focus. The second phase focuses on value addition, job creation and most importantly, creation of sustainable market linkages and contract based supply.

3) Finance. AgroBIG strives to improve access to finance and financial services to producers, cooperatives and various other actors within the selected value chains.

4) Inclusion of women and youth. A new loan window addressing youth and women in particular is included. The aim is to lower the thresholds of the least advantaged groups to engage in economic activities and income generation.


AgroBIG Phase I achievements have been compiled into a book! Download here or from the news column on the right hand side.

Videos on major achievements are available on AgroBIG YouTube Channel.