The aim of the Matching Grant Fund, MGF, is to encourage investments in post-harvest technologies, processing or other activities that can add value or improve market access of the selected commodities.

The below table provides an overview showing the main highlights of the fund.

Detailed ‘Guidelines for Matching Grant Fund’ are available for downloading by clicking at the window below the table, or by contacting Agro-BIG. The Guidelines provide instructions to grant seekers for how to apply for funds.

Application forms are also available for down loading at the bottom of this page:


Matching Grant Fund (MGF)


Facilitate larger investments in
ii)  Processing, production, packaging, storage and distribution capacity
iii) Along the higher levels of the selected value chains


Grant combined with own sources ACSI

Max. eligible investment

EUR 100,000
Birr 2,5 m


After completion, after performance criteria met


Approved application





Financing institute

Amhara Credit and Savings Institute (ACSI)


Own Resources  e.g. 50%

Beneficiary requirements

1. Business is formally registered as a legal entity
2. Business is located in Amhara Region

Basic investment requirements

1. Is for value adding activities in selected value chain
2. Is financially and technically viable
3. Promotes sustainable environmental practices
4. Has an element of a new technology or best practise
5. Is based on a thorough market analysis and viable markets exist for the product or service
6. Application has been sanctioned by Agro-BIG

Specific requirements

1. Linking poor farmers into the value chain
2. Promoting women’s participation in agricultural value chains
3. Promoting sustainable environmental practices


Detailed MGF guidelines available


Access the MGF Guidelines:(Amharic.pdf, English.pdf)

Access Application form:(Amharic.doc, English.docx)