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Mechanization of maize threshing saves farmers’ backs and creates jobs


Threshing maize is hard work. If done manually, it can require up to 12 days of tiresome and repetitious action. By hitting the maize cobs by sticks or using the oxen to tread, the grains will loosen but at the same time a lot of sand and gravel is mixed up with maize deteriorating the quality and reducing the price.

Luckily there are machines.

Machine reduces farmers’ maize threshing costs remarkably.

 Supported by the AgroBIG VC grant, Kudmi Seed Production and Marketing Cooperative in Mecha has purchased a maize thresher which can finish the work in just few hours. This reduces costs and ensures better quality grains. Farmers do not need to hire daily labourers and wives do not need to cater them with food and drinks. Moreover, children do not need to stay out of school to help their parents. Cost of the service is 10 birr per Quintal (100 kg) which can save more than 1000 birr for a farmer when compared to all costs of the manual work. Additionally farmers will benefit from the income generated by their cooperative.

AgroBIG has also supported a youth group of 8 members with a maize thresher for a demonstrational purpose. However, much of demonstration is not needed, so great is farmers’ demand for this door-to-door service. Working almost day and night, after just one months’ time, the group has reached a level of generating 1 200 birr profit per day. Sometimes they have even had to switch off their telephones to get some rest from the interested farmers requesting for service!  

No sand or stones among the threshed maize.