Agro-BIG News

Published on: 20/06/2019

Affordable farm technologies promoted

AgroBIG has been piloting affordable farm technologies developed by Aybar Engineering PLC in Addis Ababa. These tailored implements have been availed by the Programme to target districts for testing and demonstration, and have been found to save farmers’ time, energy and money. The technologies also help to reduce negative environmental impacts, while increasing crop productivity and quality.. more

Continued support to improved potato seed system

The absence of an improved potato seed supply system is one of the critical constraints identified in the potato value chain in Amhara. AgroBIG implementation districts in particular are constrained by the unavailability of clean and healthy potato seed at affordable prices. more

Cooperative bazaar attracts buyers and sellers in Bahir Dar

A cooperative bazaar and exhibition was organized by the Cooperative Promotion Agency in Bahir Dar between 29th May and June 4th 2019 with the objective to promote and connect with buyers and above all stabilize unusually high prices for urban consumers. more

In other news: AgroBIG Mid-term Evaluation and Annual Results Monitoring Survey

During April 2019, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Bureau of Finance and Economic Cooperation of Amhara region selected an independent expert team to undertake the mid-term evaluation (MTE) of the second phase of AgroBIG. more

Published on: 08/03/2019

Training equips extension staff with tools to tackle gender inequality at grassroots level

“In the family, the husband is viewed as the repository of household knowledge. By empowering women, there will be two sources of knowledge, which will enhance learning and uptake of new practice by all family members. If I can at least show five women farmers that they are good enough, that will be meaningful to make a change”, states Ms Mantegbosh Awoke, a 23-year-old agriculture extension agent in Ambeshen kebele (ward), North Achefer. more

Women committed to scaling up Good Agricultural Practices in their kebele

Smallholder farmers in Gug currently produce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables – but this was not always the case. When young agricultural extension agent Ms Birtukan Azanaw arrived on the scene a year ago, most farmers were engaged in cereal production, despite having favourable access to irrigation. more

SACCO loans encourage women entrepreneurs

Edget Lerobit Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) in Robit kebele in Bahir Dar Zuria district has received ETB 600,000 in loanable funds for the AgroBIG Women and Youth Loan Fund (WYLF). To date, a total of 16 women and 6 men have received a loan via this fund for developing their agribusinesses. more

In other news: Journalists learn about Finnish development cooperation in Amhara

Eleven Finnish journalists visited AgroBIG supported farmers and entrepreneurs in February. Their visit was part of the annual ‘Development Academy’ organized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The purpose of the Development Academy is to familiarize Finnish journalists, who represent various Finnish media outlets, with Finland’s development policy and development cooperation. Every year the program includes a visit to one of Finland’s important partner countries, and this year it was Ethiopia. more

Published on: 03/12/2018

SACCOs facilitate access to finance for women and youth

During its second phase, AgroBIG has engaged three Cooperative Saving and Credit Unions (COSACUs) in the target districts as partners in managing the revolving Women and Youth Loan Fund instrument (EUR 800,000). The funds are disbursed via the COSACUs to participating village Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs), who in turn issue working capital loans to individual women and youth members as well as to women and youth groups upon approved loan requests. To date, 11 SACCOs have received loan funds for 484 clients (of which 78% are women) to engage in business in AgroBIG selected commodities. more

AgroBIG support boosts business and builds loanee confidence

Ms Delela Abebaw is a rural landholder from the village of Gergera, in Dera district. At 18 years of age, she is one of the youngest members of the local Selam Lelemat Saving and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) serving the village. In July 2018, Ms Delela was awarded 15,000 ETB from the AgroBIG Women and Youth Loan Fund – disbursed via the SACCO – to boost her maize and potato production business, and finance an additional sheep fattening venture more

A Contract farming links smallholders with export markets

private company farming 50 hectares in North Mecha district – KogaVeg – is engaging surrounding smallholders in a contract farming arrangement to supply fresh sugar snaps, snow peas and baby corn to European markets. AgroBIG has facilitated the involvement of 43 farmers during the 2018/19 off-season, enabling them to learn more about the concept of contract farming. more

Farmers eager to learn from each other in Farmer Field Schools

AgroBIG is co-financing a scheme to support farmers with access to irrigation in North Mecha, North Achefer, Bahir Dar Zuria and Dera districts to improve the quality and productivity of vegetables through the Farmer Field School (FFS) approach. This is being undertaken in cooperation with Horti-LIFE, one of the agricultural projects run by Dutch development agency SNV. Since the cooperation between AgroBIG and SNV-Horti-LIFE was launched, 1800 farmers have been engaged in the scheme. more

Published on: 29/10/2018

Call for proposals for value chain development

|29.10.2018| AgroBIG Value Chain Facility Fund supports the value addition and market access of selected agricultural commodities, and promotes the adoption of new technologies and partnerships that enhance agribusiness development. The Programme is now inviting proposals that address these goals and are eligible for financial support through Value Chain Facility fund. The commodities that the AgroBIG is working on are onion, potato, rice, maize, tomato, dairy, poultry, sheep and goat.

The applicants are requested to use the forms found in the Value Chain Facility guideline. Deadline for concept note submission is November 14th, 2018.

Further information of the Value Chain Facility Fund and on how to apply:

Value Chain Facility Fund guideline (pdf)

Value Chain Facility Fund guideline and application forms (doc)

AgroBIG support to contract farming and export of high value vegetables!

BoFEC and Koga Irrigation Project (KIP) have signed an agreement to support Koga farmers that will be involved in contract farming with Koga Veg. Financial support is provided to KIP in order ensure the construction two sanitary blocks with showers and toilets in the fields of two groups of farmers in Tekle Dib and Chihona. The sanitary blocks one of the requirements to obtain certificates of Good Agricultural Practices (Global G.A.P.) that is a condition for exporting agricultural products to the European Union. The financial support provided through the AgroBIG Value Chain Facility amounts to 660,000 ETB. The blocks will eventually be handed over to the farmer groups.

AgroBIG support to high quality potato planting material for women and youth!

BoFEC and the Amhara Agricultural Research Institute (ARARI) have signed an agreement multiply high quality seeds of proven potato varieties. The multiplied potato material will be provided to women and youth groups. The groups will also receive training on potato cultivation from ARARI. The financial support provided through the AgroBIG Value Chain Facility amounts to 159,489 ETB.

Grant Contract awarded to Post-harvest Handling Project

A grant project contract was signed on the 8th May 2018 between Amhara National Regional State, Science, Technology and Information Communication Commission and BoFEC. The title of the project is “Post-harvest Handling Technology”. The purpose of the project is to test and introduce four different harvesting and post-harvest technologies mainly for rice to about 1,000 farmers. The agreement is financed under the AgroBIG Value Chain Facility Fund. The amount of financial support provided to the project is ETB 2,200,000.

BoFEC and COSACUs sign agreement for management of AgroBIG Loan Funds

On the 20th of April 2018 agreements were signed between BoFEC and the three Cooperative’s Savings and Credit Unions: Adera Densa, Rib and Tana. The agreements are for the management of the two loan funds provided by AgroBIG.

Women and Youth Loan Fund of 800,000 EUR

Cooperative Loan Fund of 900,000 EUR

A total of 11,800,000 ETB has been disbursed to the three Unions as presented in the table below. Further disbursements will be according to demand.

COSACU Women and Youth Loan Fund Cooperative Loan Fund TOTAL (ETB)
Adera Densa 1,300,0000 1,300,000 2,600,000
Rib 2,000,0000 2,000,000 4,000,000
Tana 2,600,0000 2,600,000 5,200,000
Total 5,900,0000 5,900,000 11,800,000

Published on: 24/05/2018

Increasing women’s participation in AgroBIG-supported interventions

AgroBIG works hard to ensure a better balance in the participation of women and men, as well as a more equal distribution amongst women and men of the (future) benefits of Programme interventions. more

Positive effect of improved agricultural practices demonstrated at Koga on-farm trials

A public field day was conducted on April 20th 2018 at four onion and potato on-farm demonstration trials in Koga irrigation command area, North Mecha district. A total of 127 participants converged at the selected farms in Chehona, Ambomesk, Enguti and Tagel. The discussion centred on the performance of the trials, at 45 days after planting. more

AgroBIG Cluster Platforms enhance coordination among stakeholders

AgroBIG has established two Cluster Platforms to serve stakeholders within the Programme area. The Platforms aim to bring together all value chain actors, supporters and enablers to discuss common agendas related to the value chains that AgroBIG supports, and to ensure that all value chain actors’ capacities, contributions and needs are considered in Programme implementation. more

Training sessions on various topics held for AgroBIG implementing partners

Tailor-made in-service trainings are an integral part of AgroBIG strategy aiming to strengthen the capacities of key implementers. Since the beginning of Programme implementation, several training sessions have been successfully managed by AgroBIG Programme Support Unit. more

Published on: 16/05/2018

Call for Proposals for Medium Size Investment Grant Fund

AgroBIG has launched the first Call for Proposals for the Medium Size Investment Grant Fund. The purpose of the Medium Size Investment Grant Fund is to provide value chain actors access to finance and financial services to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of their enterprises. The maximum size of the grant is 1,500,000 Birr and the required matching fund from the applicant is 50% of the total project cost. more

Published on: 09/03/2018

The Amhara Agricultural Forum brings together key actors in agricultural research and development

The theme of this years’ Forum was “Small scale irrigation and agricultural technologies for sustainable development in Amhara region”. The event was attended by a large number of researchers, development actors and notable officials. more

Market linkages forged between buyers and producers

AgroBIG has invested in creating strong market linkages between buyers and sellers, which benefit cooperatives and their members. This January, the programme supported two market forums in Amhara region. Producers and traders met to explore new market linkages, and exchange views on how to address supply chain bottlenecks. more

On-farm demonstrations in Koga facilitate knowledge-exchange

AgroBIG continues to work in Koga irrigation command area in North Mecha, addressing challenges related to soil fertility management, use of lime and quality seed. The programme has teamed up with Koga Irrigation Project (KIP) agronomists to establish 18 on-farm potato and onion trials in the area. more

Potato business provides a living for Endalsh Worke’s family

Ms Endalsh Worke is 29 years old and resides in Merawi town, Mecha North. Having dropped out of school in the 9th grade, she has since established and run her own potato business. For the past 11 years, Endalsh has supplied potato seed to smallholder farmers in the area, and in turn, purchased their harvest to re-sell on the market. The success of this business has enabled her and her five family members to enjoy increased financial security and material prosperity. more

Published on: 28/11/2017

Horticulture value chain actors meet in Gonder

Measures to address critical bottlenecks in horticulture market linkages and contract farming were discussed in Gonder last week on November 24-25. The event was organized by ATA and attended by producers, traders, processors, authorities and development actors. more

Second phase of AgroBIG commencing: successful kick-off held in Bahir Dar

On the 25th October, AgroBIG programme held a kick-off event at BoFEC Hall in Bahir Dar. The event was well attended by participants from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Regional bureaus, administrators and sector heads from AgroBIG partner woredas and stakeholders. more

High-level visitors from Finland meet AgroBIG beneficiaries in the field

On 9th November, AgroBIG organized and coordinated a field visit to the Finnish-funded AgroBIG, CoWASH and REILA project sites in Mecha and Bahir Dar Zuria, in Amhara Region. The participants included three high-level professionals from Finland: Ms Riitta Oksanen, Deputy Director General of the Department for Development Policy at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Ms Leena Mubarak, Gender Adviser at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and Dr Liisa Laakso Rector at the University of Tampere more

Advancing gender equality facilitates development

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and Bahir Dar University organized a conference “Women in Society and Development” on November 10th in Bahir Dar. The event commemorated the 100th anniversary of the independence of Finland and also the long history of development cooperation between Finland and Ethiopia. AgroBIG staff were closely engaged in coordinating conference arrangements and some of the related side-events. Representatives from the eight AgroBIG partner woredas and respective zones were among the more than 200 participants who attended the event. more

Agro-BIG Phase I News

Published on: 30/06/2016

Grants news

AgroBIG was happy to receive 103 grant applications for the 3rd call for proposals for Value Chain, IDRF and Matching Grant Funds. Grant proposal evaluation is on-going and expected to be completed by July. more

Finnish MPs familiarizing with AgroBIG

On the 7th of April, a delegation of Finnish Members of the Parliament accompanied by high level officials from the MFA Finland and the Finnish Embassy in Addis Abeba, visited Bahir Dar to familiarize with Finnish support in the Amhara Region. In addition to AgroBIG, the Gov. of Finland is funding CoWASH and REILA programmes in the land and natural resources sector, as well as GEQUIP in the education sector. more

Potato crisps from Bahir Dar – also available in the supermarket

Twenty six potato chips processors, 24 females, have lately been supported by AgroBIG with advisory services on marketing, accounting and saving as well as creating crucial linkages with input suppliers and markets. more

Water drilling activities leading to realize the dreams of the youth

Terakegn, 25 and Moges 23, are both married young men from Shina and Kuhar Abo villages from Fogera. They belong to a cluster organized by WoTVED, to provide manual well drilling services and water pump maintenance, which they have been serving for about 2 years and are making a good living now. more

Field events

Establishing a formal certified seed system for onion is one of the big achievements that AgroBIG has been strongly contributing to. Number of onion seed farmers has increased year by year, and now in Mecha, there are 42 certified seed producers. more

Published on: 4/4/2016

AgroBIG will have a Second Phase

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland has disclosed that AgroBIG Programme will continue for another 4 years. The bid process for the formulation of the new phase is currently on-going. more

5th Supervisory Board Meeting Conducted

The meeting held on the 29th of February at the Grand Resort and Spa in Bahir Dar discussed and endorsed both the Annual Progress Report of 2015 and the Work Plan and Budget for 2016. Also the external Audit Report and management response to it were discussed. more

Annual Survey Results Showing Progress

As communicated in the previous newsletter, a survey for 301 households was conducted at the end of last year to obtain data on the high level indicators to compare these values with baseline data of the AgroBIG Programme. As a conclusion it can be stated that the Programme is showing progress when it comes to the major indicators such as income levels, yield, farm gate prices and ownership of assets. Annual income levels have risen by 49 % reaching 26 306 ETB. Onion yield has increased by 2 quintals and the farm gate price has almost doubled to 682 ETB per quintal. Potato yield has increased by 21 quintals and the farm gate price has grown more than threefold up to 329 ETB per quintal. more

AgroBIG grants supporting value chain actors with innovative equipment

Thirty nine water pumps were handed over to respective cooperative leaders on 6th Feb in Woreta town in Fogera. Purchased by AgroBIG VC grant support, with 15 % cooperatives’ own contribution, pumps accompanied by water pipes are designated primarily for cooperative members for dry season irrigation. more

“Poor man’s food” turned into a new and appealing product

Some years ago, when Berhanu Aragaw was working with development of income generating activities for poor families, he familiarized himself with multiple usages of potato flour. He got interested in the importance of potato for food security in Ethiopia started a potato processing company, currently employing nine people. In his factory in the outskirts of Bahir Dar, Berhanu is producing potato flour for injera and bread, baby food and potato bread itself. more

Mechanization of maize threshing saves farmers’ backs and creates jobs

Threshing maize is hard work. If done manually, it can require up to 12 days of tiresome and repetitious action. By hitting the maize cobs by sticks or using the oxen to tread, the grains will loosen but at the same time a lot of sand and gravel is mixed up with maize deteriorating the quality and reducing the price. more

Animal feed processing diversifies family income sources

Little dust lingers in the air when Gezatu Berie Negash (18) feeds maize residues into the mouth of a chopping machine. Since two months now, he has been providing animal feed processing service with his mother W/o Tasfaye Teshome and sister Netsannet (20). read more

Published on: 17/12/2015

Annual Survey conducted with promising results

During two weeks of October and November, altogether 12 data collectors have been roaming around in Mecha and Fogera woredas, in four kebeles both, interviewing farmers on their agricultural performance. It was the time to collect data to track achievement and progress on onion and potato value chains against the baseline survey conducted one and a half years ago. more

Unemployed rural women engaged in potato processing business

Could you have imagined having freshly prepared chips for a snack in a rather remote kebele somewhere between the valleys in Mecha woreda? It is possible! Since last July, twelve energetic ladies have been serving processed potatoes in Brkat and Gerchech kebeles in Mecha. more

Improving farmers’ income through community based rice seed production and marketing – the power of clustering

Rice production in Fogera is a recent phenomenon but has been rapidly expanding over the last few years. Currently rice is grown in 27 rural kebeles covering 16,000 ha of land and engaging almost 22 000 households. Despite the rapid expansion, production has been constrained by lack of access to quality seeds that can tolerate diseases and cold weather conditions. Agro BIG is involved in rice value chain development by promoting community based rice seed multiplication and marketing in five kebeles in Fogera. This means embracing 173 farmers through clustering. more

Study tour to gain experiences on Warehouse Receipt Systems

Together with ACSI representatives and other key implementing partners, in late November three persons from AgroBIG personnel travelled to Tanzania aiming to learn about well-functioning Warehouse Receipt Systems (WRS). read more

4th Supervisory Board Meeting Conducted Successfully

The meeting was conducted on June 24th at Grand Hotel in Bahir Dar. The meeting mainly discussed on the biannual programme accomplishment report and the management response to the recently conducted mid-term evaluation report. Dr Anu Eskonheimo, Desk officer for Africa region at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, reiterated her observation on the strong government ownership of the programme.

AgroBIG awards grants of 12.8 million birr for development of potato, onion, rice and maize value chains in Fogera and Mecha woredas

In 2015, rice and maize value chain were included and AgroBIG invited additional applications for the three grant funds in the second call for proposals. Announcements were made in the local newsletter, through posters and by distributing promotional flyers. As a result, AgroBIG received a high number of 260 value chain development initiatives. After the initial review of all concept notes, the Mecha and Fogera Woreda Steering Committees approved 207 concepts for the preparation of full project proposals and business plans. Business Development Service providers recruited by ACSI with financial support of AgroBIG assisted the applicants to develop their business plans and full proposals. read more

Agro-BIG Encourages Amhara Potato Chips Seller Women to Boost Up Their Businesses

An increasing amount of potato chips sellers are operating on the streets of Bahir Dar, most of them women. Despite the growing popularity of chips, the sellers face many bottlenecks. Many of them have limited knowledge on food hygiene and lack access to credit. They lack skills on business management and are unorganized. Lack of inputs, such as cooking oil and potatoes, remains a problem. Also supply of electricity is sometimes uncertain. read more

Agro-BIG Mid-Term Evaluation Conducted

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland commissioned FCG (Finnish Consulting Group) to conduct the mid-term evaluation of Agro-BIG programme. The objective of the evaluation was to assess the programme progress, its potential to achieve its targets, and to make recommendations on the corrective measures to improve programme implementation. read more

Fogera woreda aiming to become self-sufficient in quality onion seed production

Good news from Fogera! Onion bulb production has started in upland areas in order for the woreda to achieve self-sufficiency in producing quality onion seed. Onion seed availability is one of the critical constraints in Fogera. read more

Tryouts for Improved Potato Seed Multiplication in Mecha Are Promising, Role of Adet Research Center Incremental

How can a potato processing business thrive without a constant supply of quality potato? How can farmers receive a better price for their product if they do not have access to quality seed? These are questions that demonstrate the importance of a well-functioning quality potato seed system. From its beginning, Agro-BIG has been working with developing such a system in Amhara Region, fully aware of the fact that the absence of such a system is one of the key constraints in the potato value chain. read more

16 Finnish Journalists Visit Amhara National Regional State

Agro-BIG has been receiving a lot of visitors. First, in January 2015, there was a high-level visit which introduced us to the Finnish Minister of International Development. Now, in March, we received a delegation of 22 people consisting of H.E. Ambassador Sirpa Mäenpää, 16 Finnish journalists as well as various representatives of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs Finland (MFA) and Embassy of Finland in Addis Abeba. read more

Modeling healthy linkages among VC stakeholders

Agro-BIG Program ultimate purpose is to establish efficient and profitable value chains of selected crops/products benefiting the involved actors and stakeholders along the chain. In short, the purpose is to strengthen linkages among different actors along the value chains of marketable commodities. The program is modeling and establishing value chain systems of selected commodities which can be replicated in other areas and commodities. At the beginning two commodities (onion and potato) and later on two other commodities (rice and maize) were chosen for the two target woredas (Fogera and Mecha). The lesson learned and good practices are supposed to be documented and replicated in the other part of the region and commodities. read more

Supervisory Board Meeting Conducted

The third regional Supervisory Board meeting approved about 104 million birr budget for the year 2015 on February 24 read more

Youth visions for the future: when the going gets tough, the tough get going

Under the scorching Ethiopian sun on a Tuesday morning in March we meet two young gentlemen waiting for their customers in their newly established business. Wondale Mehret (24) and Tilahun Bekalu (19) are both members of a youth group which is now running a business in providing responsible agrochemical spraying services. Located by a busy roadside in Ambo Mesk in Mecha District, Amhara region, the group holds its shop in a green corrugated iron sheet house. The shop has two rooms. The shelves in the first room are full of agro chemicals and the second room serves as an office and resting room at the same time. read more

Finnish Minister for International Development Mrs. Sirpa Paatero and H.E. Ambassador Sirpa Mäenpää Visit Amhara National Regional State

On January 8- 9 2015 a high level visit took place in the Amhara National Regional State. Finland’s Minister for International Development, Mrs. Sirpa Paatero, accompanied with high-level officials such as H.E. Ambassador Sirpa Mäenpää visited the region to familiarize themselves with Finnish funded projects. The programme was coordinated by Agro-BIG and consisted of snapshots of the results achieved by bilateral and NGO projects in the region. The projects represented in the high level visit were Agro-BIG, Co-WASH, FinnWASH, ReILA and FFD/Agricord. read more

Market Information System Development Underway

One of the key constraints identified in both potato and onion value chain analysis is the fact that there has been a lack of an efficient and effective market information system.

A marketing information system is a "system in which marketing data is formally gathered, analyzed and disseminated to end users including farmers, traders, agro dealers and consumers in accordance with their informational needs on a regular basis."

In many organizations today an MIS is integrated as part of a computerized system. Access to pro-poor ICT based market information service is a limiting factor both for producers and entrepreneurs. ...Read more

Rice and Maize Selected as Additional Value Chains for Agro-BIG Support

The new year kicked off with a set of two additional value chains in the Agro-BIG programme. In the past year, Agro-BIG has supported two value chains, those of onion and potato. Starting from the beginning of 2015, programme support will be extended to maize and rice.

The crops have been selected by using the criteria of production potential, outreach (in terms of number of producers) and market potential. Both crops have also good prospects to address the needs of women and vulnerable groups. more


Agro-BIG is operating four funds: 1) Innovation, Demonstration and Research Fund 2) Value Chain Fund 3) Matching Grant Fund and 4) Loan Fund. In the previous call for proposals, approximately 80 grants with a total worth of nearly 7 million ETB have been allocated.

In 2015, there will be several calls for grant applicants. In the first stage of the calls all the applicants have to do is request an application form from Agro-BIG and prepare a simple concept note application

Enthusiastic response to the first call of proposals for AgroBIG grant funds

AgroBIG has launched three grant funds: Innovation, Demonstration and Research Fund (IDRF), Value Chain Fund (VCF) and Matching Grant Fund (MGF).
Response from stakeholders been very encouraging and a large number of applications has been received. A total of 160 concept notes (20 for MGF, 100 for VCF and 40 for IDRF) have been received from primary cooperatives, research centers, universities, private processors, cooperative unions, local and international development agents, small and micro enterprises and traders. read more ....29/10/2014

Bidding farewell to Marko

In early august the Ambassador of Finland to Ethiopia, Sirpa Mäenpää, hosted a farewell party for the outgoing Counsellor at the Embassy, Marko Saarinen.

Marko has worked closely with Agro-BIG and as a token of appreciation, our staff presented Marko with a traditional papyrus boat, manufactured by skilled craftsmen on the shores of Lake Tana. more ....28/10/2014

More money in farmers’ pockets after the establishment of a formal seed system

Nigus Alie is an onion farmer living in Fogera woreda, an area dominated by green rice fields during the rainy season and onion fields during the irrigation season, often referred to as the off season.

In these highlands of Amhara, Ethiopia, Nigus has for the first time been able to produce certified onion seed because of Agro-BIG support. This quality produce has been linked to the market via Nigus’ preferred cooperative, Fogera Seed Multiplication and Marketing more ....27/10/2014

Training landless youth brings multiple benefits

How to address unemployment issues of landless youth and at the same time tackle problems of onion and potato value chains?
One potential solution: give the youth training on critical agricultural topics and business management so that they can act as private service providers for their local farmers.
This novel approach, now implemented in Agro-BIG, has so far resulted in the successful training of 98 unemployed youth, of which 15 are female, in Fogera and Mecha woredas. read more ....24/10/2014