Overview of Funds

Value Chain Fund

Grants for solving farm production and marketing related constraints at the local level.
The Fund can support small farm production investments and local business and marketing initiatives in onion and potato value chains.

Grants available from 1,000 - 2,000 Euro (Birr 26,000 - 52,000). Own contribution 15% is required.
Eligible applicants are registered legal entities such as cooperatives and producers’ associations and micro/small enterprises located in Mecha and Fogera woredas.

Matching Grant Fund

Grants for large investments in storage, post-harvest technologies, processing, production, packaging,
distribution and marketing capacity in the onion and potato value chains.
Maximum grant is 100,000 Euro (Birr 2.6 million). Own contribution of minimum 50% is required.
An eligible applicant is a formally registered legal entity with business is located in Amhara Region within max. 100 km distance from Mecha and Fogera districts and with good linkage to the potato and/or onion value chains in the districts

Innovation, Demonstration and Research Fund

Grants for innovative solutions to value chain constraints, demonstrating new technologies and supporting adaptive research.
Max. grant is Euro 50,000 (Birr 1.3 million). Minimum grant is Euro 2,000 (Birr 52,000).15% own contribution is required.
The Fund is open to all applicants except individuals. Public and private organizations, registered groups, cooperatives, associations, companies, research institutions can apply.