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Agro-BIG Encourages Amhara Potato Chips Seller Women to Boost Up Their Businesses

An increasing amount of potato chips sellers are operating on the streets of Bahir Dar, most of them women. Despite the growing popularity of chips, the sellers face many bottlenecks. Many of them have limited knowledge on food hygiene and lack access to credit. They lack skills on business management and are unorganized. Lack of inputs, such as cooking oil and potatoes, remains a problem. Also supply of electricity is sometimes uncertain.

These findings were validated in a workshop organized by Agro-BIG in Bahir Dar on August 4th. The participants included 46 chips sellers (42 females, 4 males) and representatives from pertinent departments from Bahir Dar. The aim of the workshop was to present the findings of a study commissioned by Agro-BIG for identifying constraints and opportunities of the chips sellers.

The chips sellers will now receive training on business skills, snack preparation and food hygiene. Bahir Dar TVED college will be responsible for manufacturing a new push cart model. AWEA (Amhara Women Entrepreneurs’ Association) or ACSI (Amhara Credit and Saving Institution) will work on creating access for working capital. Receiving this capital will require a 20 % own contribution. Linkages will also be made for the sellers to have better access to cooking oil and quality potatoes. These measures are hoped to boost up the business of these value chain actors.