The main actors and stakeholders include those among the value chain and include among others:

  • Input suppliers
  • Service providers, including both private and frontline Government agencies
  • Farming communities and their cooperatives (which among others also serve as input suppliers) and other farmer’s organisations including Irrigation Water User’s Associations
  • Farm labourers
  • Traders including brokers, wholesalers and retailers and exporters
  • Transporters
  • Processors
  • Consumers
  • Finance institutions
  • Research centres
  • Government structures with support functions at Region and Woreda levels
  • Policy makers

Key stakeholders and at the same time main implementing agencies of the Programme are the following:

  • Bureau of Finance & Economic Development (BoFED)– the main coordinating agency;
  • Bureau of Agriculture(BOA)
  • Bureau of Trade and Transport (BoTT)
  • Bureau of Technical vocational Training and Enterprise development (BoTVED)
  • Bureau of Industry and Urban development (BoIUD)
  • Cooperative Promotion Agency (CPA)
  • Amhara Region Agricultural Research institute (ARARI)
  • Amhara Seed Enterprise (ASE).

Yet other public-sector stakeholders include research and educational institutions and Government-linked finance institutions. These can be either implementation partners or service providers.