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Other News: AgroBIG Mid-term Evaluation and Annual Results Monitoring Survey

Published on 20.06.2019

Enumerators interviewed farmers to learn about the current status of their agricultural production practices, access to finance, their level of satisfaction with services, and knowledge on environmental sustainability.

During April 2019, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Bureau of Finance and Economic Cooperation of Amhara region selected an independent expert team to undertake the mid-term evaluation (MTE) of the second phase of AgroBIG.

The purpose of the MTE is to provide an independent view of implementation, to analyze needs for revision, and to provide recommendations for improvement.

The MTE included a field mission to Ethiopia from May 5 to 17, during which the expert team interviewed a number of stakeholders. Before leaving, the MTE team organized a debriefing workshop in Bahir Dar, in which tentative findings and conclusions for AgroBIG stakeholders were presented. The final report is expected by early July 2019.

The AgroBIG annual results monitoring survey has also just been undertaken from 27 May to 3 June. Diverse information, following the Programme results framework, was collected from 316 sampled farmers. All eight AgroBIG target districts were included in the survey. The data was collected on mobile phones and tablets using the free and open-source software Open Data Kit (ODK) and is now being analyzed by the Programme Monitoring and Evaluation Unit in Bahir Dar.

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