Value Chain Fund


The aim of the Value Chain Fund, VCF, is to support local producer groups and other value chain actors to make small investments for producing added value and to participate in local business.

The below table provides an overview showing the main highlights of the fund.

Detailed ‘Guidelines for Value Chain Fund’ are available for downloading by clicking at the window below the table, or by contacting Agro-BIG. The Guidelines provide instructions to grant seekers for how to apply for funds.

Application forms are also available for down loading at the bottom of this page.


Value Chain Fund (VCF)


Implement small investments in agricultural value chains - a fund that can be approached by farmers groups, cooperatives and micro enterprises


Grant with saving

Max. eligible investment

EUR 6,200
Birr 160,000


Up front


Approved application





Financing institute

Amhara Credit and Savings Institute (ACSI)


Own Resources;15%-30%  to be paid into saving account

Beneficiary requirements

1. Formally established (cooperative, association)
2. Located in the Programme area
3. Has at least 30 % female members

Basic investment requirements

1. Is for value adding activities in selected agricultural value chains
2. Is financially and technically viable
3. Promotes sustainable environmental practices
4. Has an element of a new technology or best practice
5. Will benefit the local community and local business

Specific requirements

Targeted for groups, not individuals


Detailed VCF guidelines available


Access the VCF Guidelines(Amharic.pdf, English.pdf)

Access Application form(amharic.docx, english.docx)