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Water drilling activities leading to realize the dreams of the youth


Terakegn, 25 and Moges 23, are both married young men from Shina and Kuhar Abo villages from Fogera. They belong to a cluster organized by WoTVED, to provide manual well drilling services and water pump maintenance, which they have been serving for about 2 years and are making a good living now.

During dry season access to water in rural Ethiopia is challenging. With a simple technique it is possible to drill up to 33 meters deep. Wells serve both for irrigation and household consumption needs and understandably the demand for manual well drilling is increasing.
Drilling season starts after December when the environment gets dry. So far the group has altogether drilled 14 wells. It takes 8 - 10 people and eight days to drill one. Normally they are 3 people from the group, and for the rest they hire additional labourers. They charge 9000 birr for one well, and after costs the remaining is shared among the involved group members. Additional income the group generates from maintenance of motor pumps used for irrigation.  


AgroBIG has supported the group with training, tools, office construction and office materials. The group has also got a Value Chain grant for motor pump spare parts for which that they saved 1000 birr each. Otherwise they save individually.

Terakegn has already bought an oxen, a cow and a heifer and has rented land from which reaped an onion seed yield of 60 kg. He has also saved some 6000 birr. Moges has saved 8000 birr of which with half he rented land for rice cultivation. He has also started animal fattening business with a cow of 8000 birr expecting to sell it later on for a higher price.
In the future they both want to invest in income generating activities. Terakegn wishes to buy a bajaj and serve his kebele. Moges plans to buy land and sell it again with an appreciated price.